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“Here, for the Court’s consideration, are several things women have been known to do that don’t in fact cause abortion, no matter your beliefs: wear Spanx Underwear; take long, sweaty bike rides; watch Rachel Maddow; read Nora Ephron; and—wait for it—take birth control pills.”

Why the Supreme Court ignored science in the Hobby Lobby case

“If you were blindfolded and I dropped you in an airport in the middle of New York and I dropped you in an airport in the middle of Beijing, you sure as hell wouldn’t pick LaGuardia as being in the United States.”

Joe Biden REALLY doesn’t like LaGuardia

“Unfortunately, the disturbing bottom line of this unprecedented, nationwide survey is that many institutions continually violate the law and fail to follow best practices in how they handle sexual violence. These failures affect nearly every stage of institutions’ response to such crimes, and these results should serve as a call to action to our colleges and universities to tackle this terrible crime.”

Senator Claire McCaskill

40 percent of colleges haven’t investigated a sexual assault in the last five years — even though 1 in 5 women experiences a sexual assault before she graduates college. 

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