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It’s finally Friday! Here’s a video to get you through the last stretch of this long week. —BdM

The perfect break from convention news. 


“Giirrrlllll! He’s playing our jam!!!”

Don’t know about you all, but we’ll be watching this every hour, on the hour.

“The goal will be to demonstrate to the nationwide convention-viewing TV audience—an estimated eight people—that Mitt is a regular non-android human just like you who feels pain the same way any normal person does when one of his helicopters needs repair.
The Republicans will also try to show that Paul Ryan is a nice young man who does not, as the Democrats have been suggesting, want to legalize hunting for senior citizens with crossbows. This is especially important here in Florida, because this is a swing state whose voters could decide the election—assuming they can figure out where their polling places are, which, as I noted earlier, is not a given.”

Welcome to Hootersville by Dave Berry

(this is a humor piece).

Imagining C-SPAN’s New Soundtrack

What would C-SPAN look like with a more modern soundtrack? In this video we sub out the network’s traditional 17th century chamber music for the likes of jazz, trip hop and pop.

(via Roll Call)

In which a Fox News reporter competes to be heard over a children’s choir while doing a liveshot in the rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building.