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In which former Senator Alan Simpson, R-Wyo., dances Gangnam Style. The reason? He wants young people to become involved in a discussion about cutting the national debt. Does this video inspire you to become involved?

“I don’t need tons of money,” Tessa says as the sun starts to set and the living room grows dark. “I don’t need a new house. I just want to be comfortable. I don’t want money to be a stress, and it is a stress when you’re tight on money. It changes things.”

What Happens to the Children of the Unemployed?

The children who have seen parents lose jobs during the Great Recession face a future riddled with uncertainty.

The Voices of the Drought

It’s HOT outside. But hey, you knew that. 52 percent of the U.S. is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions. So what about the farmers, how are they handling the heat? We asked them. Hear how farmers, small-business owners and local governments are dealing with the heat.

View a history of droughts above and how Congress acted

I was in Texas last week where the yellow grass crunches under your feet and Austin’s Lake Travis is about 45 feet lower than it should be. -BdM