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"Don’t stigmatize in a rush to explain inexplicable evil. Autism didn’t cause this tragedy."


By Ron Fournier

My son cradled the iPad and scanned The New York Times article I had downloaded: “A Gunman, Recalled as Intelligent and Shy, Who Left Few Footprints in Life.” It said mass murderer Adam Lanza may have had Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism.

Tyler is an Aspie. He shrugged. “If you meet somebody with Asperger’s,” he said, “you’ve only met one person with Asperger’s.”

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The NRA Is No Match for the Parent Lobby

The NRA is a mighty thing. But as mighty as it is, it is no match for the political power of the “parent lobby” in this country. If we parents ever decided to take a stand between our children and the gun lobby, we would perhaps be shielding thousands of our kids from the deadly bullets yet to come.

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