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“Obama’s about to Obama all over the place.”

– Postponing our Monday meetings until later this afternoon. 

  • They hate political parties, but they have the highest opinion of Congress.
  • They are the most likely to be single parents and the least likely to approve of single parenthood. 
  • They voted overwhelmingly for Obama and the ACA, but they oppose his universal health care law as much as the rest of the country.

Kids these days.

It’s finally Friday! Here’s a video to get you through the last stretch of this long week. —BdM

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way, of course. Americans were said to be angry about everything from high gas prices to high unemployment. They’d take it out on someone: the “socialist Kenyan”, the tea party, incumbents of any stripe. But a funny thing happened. Voters who said we were on the wrong track decided to stay on the train anyway.”

After All That, Political Status Quo Remains